Sunday, March 9, 2008

SNOW DAZE :: Interlude in White

Crow at St. Peter's. On my way home I stopped by the cemetery to watch the snow coming into town.

The magic began to fall over Oxford on the afternoon of March 7th. and by early morning of March 8th., there was about an inch of snow at my location. This was just the joyful little event I needed to lift my spirits and bring out my inner child who seems to have been in hibernation for some months now. With cameras in tow and a tabby cat to keep me company, I made a morning of it. What great fun! Just the snow, me, Tabby, and the birds singing amongst the tree branches.

Tabby - Intriqued with Snow Water.


Snow Bird

Early Morning Light

Cobalt Blue

Chaise Lounge

Bits of Fuschia

Holly Leaf

Iris Bed

Waiting for Spring

Snow Kitty

Tabby - Contemplating Snow.

And so we end. The snow melted. The Snow Kitty disolved. All is a memory now. And when it was gone, it seemed like it never really happened.

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Bev said...

What a lovely posting! I really enjoyed reading this.

I thought at first it would be full of rather grim atmospheric cemetery pictures, what with the crow perched on the grave (great photo this, and very fortuitous, the crow stopped by at just the right moment). But it rather has the feel of a winter wonderland, with all the colourful objects people have, and tends to celebrate life, rather than the opposite. These also make great photos, with interesting shapes, shadows and colours.

An intrepid cat as they don't usually like the cold and wet. Also a very stylish snowcat. This posting is a model of blog posting, I thought!